Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cushion Making

We recently purchased a Blanket Box and I declared that we just simply had to have lots of cushions adorning the top. It's a solid Oak chunky Blanket Box, so it's needs a bit of softening with a healthy amount of fabrics to bedeck it. Here are the ones I've made already....

This one was made from a 20p find from a Charity Shop in Sheringham. It was a round Crochet Doily that was a little bigger than the cushion with just the smallest bit of pulling around the corners. It's so soft and beautifully made and I love the pattern lots. It really was a complete find.

I then *had* to make a Union Jack cushion. A bit of floral, polka dot and paisley - my favourite upon favourite types of fabric!

Then finally a Granny Square cushion made from the rather lovely Baby Cashmerino. I love this yarn and have a sizable stash hoarded away, but this is the first thing that I've made from it. It was a little weird at first making these because I've only ever used a 4mm Hook to Crochet, but I did these on a 3.5mm - it just felt so tiny! I'm pleased I blocked them too. I really enjoyed using this yarn and am really glad I have a stash of it, I'm thinking a blanket of it might be in order - totally snuggable!


Kristen said...

Beautiful! The top bit only cost you 20p???? Whoa, that's an amazing find, for sure, and the pillow looks perfect. Well done!

thelittleroomofrachell said...

Beautiful cushions!