Saturday, 5 May 2012

Saturday Pottering

Today we headed to Wymondham, a market town about 9 miles from Norwich. We fancied a bit of a wander and we do rather like the smaller towns in Norfolk. They have a certain charm and are not completely filled with the same old same old. The added bonus is that places like Wymondham have such beautiful buildings. Despite the ominous grey skies, we were fortunate whilst out and about to see some blue sky! Oh how I've missed seeing this colour sky. 


As we meandered down the Market Place, we spied that the Jewellers stocked Kit Heath! I just had to have a look and Ooopsie, I managed to treat myself to a new Pebble Bead and have one on order too.

It was the first day of the Wymondham Music Festival today, so it was a great day to visit. There were Brass Bands playing in the Market Place which was all rather jolly. There was also a Street Fair down by the Abbey. There was lots of Bunting and people dressed in their best vintage clothes.

In the Abbey there was a flower festival, called All Our Yesterdays Forties Festival. There were some completely stunning displays in the Abbey and we spent a fair old time marvelling at them.

Just look at Betty Pratt's Dancing Notes! This is just completely adorable. I'm so pleased we went into the Abbey and it was so nice to see so many other people enjoying the displays too. I particularly liked the Poppy Crosses. There was just so much to admire.

When then had a look around The Norwich Print Fair at Becket's Chapel. I really liked the work of Chrissy Norman and Laurie Rudling.

I do like pottering of a Saturday, no plans or massive agenda and we even managed to stay out of the rain!

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Lisa said...

What a fantastic day out. I would have loved going to see this, looks really interesting.
Lisa x