Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Happy Things

New crochet blanket plans

The pinkest Rhubarb

Shrove Tuesday

Lovely farm shop Veggies

My first ever Sloe Gin

Oranges - we've eaten a lot of them this month

The best farm shop we've been to yet

Spending time on the South Coast with my Sister in Law

Decorating for Valentines

Snowdrops - I actually squealed with excitement when I saw my first ones this year

Many hours spent playing pick up sticks

Cooking Paella - seriously yummy

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Playing with rush

My Sister in Law recently went on a Basket Making and Rush weaving course and she bought back some supplies. We spent some of last week down on the South coast with her so we got the opportunity to learn something new. The Rush got a good soaking in the Bath to make it pliable - which did look quite amusingly strange. We whiled away many hours of one evening weaving and wrapping.

My Husband made a Teacup and my Sister in Law a beautiful bowl. The boy was all about measuring and being precise and worked very neatly as my Sister in Law taught us the ropes. They both used traditional methods of weaving and the results are beautiful.

 I, on the other hand, couldn't work within constraints of instructions! I just had to do my own thing...

I went with wrapping the Rush into a Rustic heart - it took a surprising amount of Rush to complete the heart, but I'm really pleased with it, even if tradition Rush weavers would shudder in horror at my attempt! It was really nice using a natural product to make something and it was amazing how it could be manipulated and worked. I can't wait for the Rush to turn a warm Barley colour and when it's fully dried I am going to hang it in our home. It was a mighty fine way to spend an evening and I am glad that my Sister in Law shared her new found skill.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Cheshire Affair

A couple of weekends ago we went to one of our dearest friends weddings. We met him at University over 13 years ago now and he has been part of our life ever since. The wedding was at the rather lovely Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and it was a mighty glamorous affair full of tears, laughter, smiles and candlelight. The Bride was stunning, the Groom cried, I cried and it was great to be with our University friends once again. There was a lovely meal, a mid wedding break where we used the Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and Sauna and then lots of dancing. Everything was so beautiful and all put together in just 12 weeks! I am amazing at what they achieved. The details were wonderful and their love for each other was so clear. Each of our friends weddings have been so lovely, so unique to them and this one was no different - it was perfect in each and every way. I dearly hope for them a very long, happy and healthy life together.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Saturday

Today is our first day off from work for a whole nine glorious days. We wanted to take it easy today so spent the day pottering not too far from home. There was lots and lots of Tea - I do love Yorkshire Tea, it's my favourite. I started a new crochet blanket with a very very long foundation chain. It's very exciting starting a new project and I choose the yarn from my embarrassingly extensive stash. I had eight inches chopped from my hair in a nice hairdressers in Reepham - very impulsive, we drove passed, stopped and fortunately they had an appointment then and there. We had lunch in the rather yummy Recruiting Sergeant in Horstead - I went with  the Smoked Salmon Souffle and the Boy went with a Hog Roast Bap. We had a wander around Kerris Farmhouse Pine and Very Nice Things as well as a quick trip to Hobbycraft as the Boy needed some elastic, but I managed to pick up a couple of things too. Snacks after dinner was dried fruit and nuts - I particularly enjoyed the Lime infused Sultanas. Here's to the next eight days being so delightful.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A quick jaunt

Last weekend on our way back from Cheshire, we detoured through the Peak District. Any excuse to get in a quick visit and we'll be there. It would have been rude not to! We thought it would be good to have lunch and a little wander around Bakewell as a mid trip pit stop. It had been raining all morning in Cheshire, so we weren't expect the glorious beauty that was to seen in the High Peak. The snow covered landscape was truly spectacular. Boy oh boy how I love this part of the UK. By the time we got to Bakewell, there was no snow to be seen. We had lunch in the Bakewell Pudding Shop - two breakfasts with the best Oatcakes and then we had a wander around the shops before heading back for Norfolk. The route home took us passed Chatsworth and Calver, a completely added bonus - so I caught a glimpse of the house and got to purchase a few lovely Easter things from the Derbyshire Craft Centre. It might not have been a very long visit, but it was completely and utterly worth it.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A special treat

We've just had a super weekend. There's been a Wedding, Hotels, a quick visit to the Peak District and Spa time, but more of that in another post! Our first stop of the weekend was the Emma Bridgewater factory. Eeek! To say I was a little excited was an understatement. It was wall to wall of beautiful pottery. One end of the Factory was seconds and the other was their main shop. We started in the seconds - there was just so much choice and the overall effect of so much EB was quite astounding. Plus I love a discount.

After many times going round the seconds we ventured up to the main shop - it was so beautiful laid out. I just wanted to take it all home. It was really nice to see some things that I hadn't seen before either.

The actual buildings were amazing too and as we wandered back to the car we spied this through a window.

Fortunately the boy and I had chosen to buy a few pieces for our 13th Anniversary which is this Valentines Day. So what came home with us?

I'd thorough recommend a stop if you are ever in the Stoke area - next time we are that way we are definitely going to stop again, go on the factory tour and have lunch in their Cafe. I also want to spend some time in their decorating studio - hmmm maybe my Birthday perhaps?!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cowgirl Hexy Blanket

She's finished! After many many hours cutting up pretty fabric, making hexagons, hand stitching and a little sewing machine action I have another quilt to add to my collection. I first saw this fabric in Hometown in Rochester - it's the best fabric shop in Kent. It's just so colourful inside full of delicious fabric that I just want to take home. I bought one charm pack and stashed it away. I then decided to make a quilt with it so when we next went back I added another charm pack to my basket. I added a couple of fabrics from my stash too; some more red and blue to balance out the overall colours.

Cutting little squares, paper piecing, hand stitching has all been a complete joy. My Husband is a complete love and make me all the hexagons using our Craft Robo - doing things like that fill me with little joy so I am very fortunate he'll help out. It's been the perfect winter activity; sitting on the Sofa with my basket of supplies, the beautiful soft colours and feeling quietly productive. Piecing together hexy flowers and eventually seeing the blanket grow bigger and bigger.

It seemed to take an absolute age to remove paper and tacking stitches and I'm completely sure I might be pulling out black threads from this blanket for a while to come!

After working on the blanket here and there, last week the front was finished! I was desperate to finish it but didn't have any time until last night when the backing fabric, sewing machine and poppers came out to get the job done! I felt quite nervous finishing off the blanket, I just didn't want to get it wrong. Fortunately it all worked out fine. My sewing machine decided to like me yesterday! The blanket was finished off with five poppers to keep the opening neat and tidy. 

Then came a special moment for me. Blankets have been a big thing in my life - I own a lot, make a few and always seem to have one no matter the weather whilst on the Sofa. Blankets are a life long love. Anyway, the purpose of making this blanket was to have a cover for my Baby Blanket. Something that's been in my life for nearly 32 years now. The special moment was putting my Baby Blanket in the cover. I am so pleased it now has a cover and is covering my lap right now. This blanket has been a complete joy to make and I love everything about it.