Thursday, 31 May 2012

May Happy Things

Outdoors Time with Sunshine and Daisies

Making stuff supplies in bright happy colours

Pretty colours 

Big blue beautiful Norfolk Skies

A new friend for my craft desk

Possible the last Ranunculus until year

Fabric Owl Brooch from Hometown in Rochester

Baking Goodness - Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes!

Craft shopping in my favourite craft shop in Norfolk

Beach time in the sunshine with Swimming

Late Night Coffee Dates with my Husband

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Autumn Tryst

I love the elegance of Irises. There's a wonderful Iris Nursery, Seagate Iris on the edge of Norfolk, over the border in Lincolnshire, that have the best selection. It's truly stunning. They have over a 1000 varieties, but my first love is the Tall Bearded Iris, especially the Purple, Mauve and Lilac ones. They also have display beds which are completely wonderful. Along with Peonies and Roses, I am getting quite a collection!



Exotic Isle

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lazy Norwich Mornings

Ok, the Coffee is so very good at The Briton Arms, we just had to go back. The sky was the deepest blue and the garden was a complete sun trap. There were lovely green and white polka dot table cloths and this time we shared it with my Sister. Not only do they great Coffee but there Apple Juice is amazing too. We had such a relaxing time, completely lovely.

We then headed to The Jade Tree. This shop is full of lovely items all made locally in Norfolk. There were so many beautiful things and my Husband treated me to a lovely brooch by Lizzie Searle. Swoon!

We then pottered up towards Bank Plain, checking out the Elm Hill Brasserie Menu on the way and making a mental note to go there soon as the food sounds amazing! We just meandered around London Street and The Lanes. We really did just mooch around, no agenda, just enjoying the street music, bustle of people and the sunshine. It really was a proper lazy Norwich morning.


Now it might be deemed awful and many people roll their eyes when you mention it but I just quite simply adore Eurovision! On Saturday we hosted our annual Eurovision party. We always have the European Food challenge where everyone brings as many different things from as many different Countries as possible. This year we went one better than last year with 17 Countries in total present on the dining room table. We always end up with doubling up of Countries, but it is always fun seeing what people have brought and how inventive we can be - some of the links can be very tenuous! It was all very yummy!

The Countries we had delicacies from this year were; Cyprus, Italy, Spain, UK, Poland, Greece, Ireland, France, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium and Estonia.

We had scorecards and Terry Wogan bunting (legend!). There was lots of shouting at the TV and giggling. I loved every second of it. One year I am going to have to see it live. But I expect that will have to be a plane flight as I can't ever see it coming to the UK. Love Eurovision! I can't wait until next year.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Over the Border

Sometimes we head over the border - all the way to Suffolk. We have been to Beccles quite as few times as it's a lovely market town and only about 30 minutes from home. It has some fabulous Antiques shops and a few rather delightful gift / home stores. It also has some great road names like Blyburgate and Puddingmoor.

Our main reason was to visit the new Vintage Mischief as mentioned on Bobo Bun's Blog. What a shop! They had so much to look at with lots of pretty bunting strung everywhere and an awesome map flooring upstairs. We'll definitely be back.

 They have a really good Haberdashery - endless walls of beautiful yarn. Although I was very good and just got the tailoring pencil that I needed. But there were many things I wanted!

As we wandered around the town we noticed a rather wonderfully patriotic window display. Look at the Crown Tea Cosy! Love. The Chickens ones are pretty cute too.

We finished our afternoon in the rather delightful Twyfords. We sat in the Garden - such a lovely lovely place. We both had Scones with Elderflower for me and Coffee Cooler for the Mr. The garden is planted with pretty silver Foliage and Purples. There's also a very cool water feature.Very peaceful. Plus it was one of the most yummy Scones I've ever eaten!

Love Beccles.

Sunday, 27 May 2012


Today I got my wish of warm outdoors time. There were Friends, a Picnic, Tartan Blankets galore, Ice Cold Drinks (thank you Mr Thermos!), Swimming, Ice Lollies and lots and lots relaxation. It was just what I needed.

I particularly like Sea Palling, as it's a Blue Flag Beach. We spent the whole long hot day there and it was quite simply just perfect. We're so lucky to live so close to the Norfolk Coastline. Especially when it means you can turn your Sister and her Boyfriend into a Mermaid and Merman. They looked so pretty!

The Swimming Costume was well and truly cranked out for its first outing of 2012. I love Sea Swimming. Like, really love! I think it's one of my favourite things to do. I just feel so free bobbing around in the waves. To be fair it took a little while getting into the Sea, as it was a mean 10 degrees. I much prefer the sea temperature in September, but hey, I'll brave the cold for the thrill of the Sea!

I'm hoping for a long hot Summer with as many Sea Swims as possible. Here's hoping!

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Warm May Days are finally here. The last couple of days have been wonderfully warm. It makes me want to spend lots of time outside. I want to wander around historic ruins, get my feet all sandy at the Beach, lay on Tartan Picnic Blankets by the Broads. I want to sip Pimms, eat lots of Picnics, have BBQs and eat as many meals outside as possible. I want to make a Daisy Chain crown. I want to crank out my Swimming Costume and go sea swimming. There are just so many good outdoors things that I need, crave, must do soon!

This weather makes me want to spend lots of time in the garden. I love the Flowers of May as two of my absolute favourites. Viburnum Opulus Snowball and Peonies. There is just something about white flowers, so pure and vibrant. They almost glow in Sunshine.

I also love the Wildflowers that emerge. Sometimes they seem even more special.

I hope this weather lasts at least until the weekend then I might get to indulge some of the lovely warm day outdoorsy activities. I can't wait!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I love shop signs, street signs, information signs and advertising. I''m always taking photographs of interesting ones and here are some of my favourites from my beloved home County.