Thursday, 24 May 2012


Warm May Days are finally here. The last couple of days have been wonderfully warm. It makes me want to spend lots of time outside. I want to wander around historic ruins, get my feet all sandy at the Beach, lay on Tartan Picnic Blankets by the Broads. I want to sip Pimms, eat lots of Picnics, have BBQs and eat as many meals outside as possible. I want to make a Daisy Chain crown. I want to crank out my Swimming Costume and go sea swimming. There are just so many good outdoors things that I need, crave, must do soon!

This weather makes me want to spend lots of time in the garden. I love the Flowers of May as two of my absolute favourites. Viburnum Opulus Snowball and Peonies. There is just something about white flowers, so pure and vibrant. They almost glow in Sunshine.

I also love the Wildflowers that emerge. Sometimes they seem even more special.

I hope this weather lasts at least until the weekend then I might get to indulge some of the lovely warm day outdoorsy activities. I can't wait!

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Lynne said...

Oh hope this lovely weather continues, Claire so you have your sunny, beachy weekend!

No bathing for me, The Toe is still being dressed by Practice Nurse so I must keep it out ofthe water. But for sure, I will be sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine on the other side of the county.

Mentally raising my glass of Pimms in your direction!