Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Yarn Love

My collecting of yarn is getting out of hand. Too much yarn and too little time! There's just too much yummy yarn in the world. I have collected all sorts of yarn, some projects are started, some are just in my head. I think I have enough yarn to last me years and years.

Stylecraft Special DK
Ongoing project of crochet colourful rounds.

Hand spun Alpaca Wool from my Sister in Law who lives in Australia.
Cushion cover, literally just completed.

Debbie Bliss Andes
Project Unknown

Rowan Pure Wool DK
Granny Stripes Blanket - Completed

Manos Del Uruguay Fair Trade Silk Blend
Project unknown!

Manos Del Uruguay Fair Trade Silk Blend
Project unknown, maybe another cushion cover

Sirdir Snuggle Baby Bamboo
Wrist Warmers, only one made.

Mixture of DK yarns
Granny Square Blanket, to be started.

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Mrs. Sutton said...

Hi Claire! I found you via a comment on another blog, as I noticed that your a fellow Norfolk dweller! I love your pretty yarns, and I'm VERY impressed with your gorgeous projects. I so wish that I could knit or sew properly. i am attempting a few things on my sewing machine, but I am a total novice. It's when I see blogs like your that i wish I'd kept up with my sewing after I left school. We made a shirt, a skirt and a baby-doll nightie (odd choice since it was an all girls convent school!) and I remember thinking at the time "what's the point?" - Oh how wrong i was - if only I'd listened harder!! Paula x
Beautiful, colourful blog by the way - love it!