Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Toasty Warm

After making my Hexy patchwork cover for my baby blanket, I was missing the gentle rhythm of paper piecing pretty fabrics together. I was itching to make something else - but did this house need more Hexy clad things? On a recent trip across the boarder into Suffolk, we dipped into Quilters Haven, a completely divine fabric shop where I went for the most sweetly patterned Charm pack - and I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. At some point it would be destined to be made into a hot water bottle cover, but with Spring on the way, it seemed as if the fabric would be stored away until next Autumn. But with this chilling coldness that is gripping Britain, it really seemed that now was the right time.

I just adore the colours and patterns of this Charm pack - the soft creams, teal and muted reds along with teeny tiny flowers. It's an unexpected colour way - not something I would have put together if buying fat quarters, but I think it is quite simply divine. Again, the boy got our Craft Robo out and made 100 paper Hexy's in no time at all - he's a complete doll! Then I was able to settle into the slow pace of paper piecing.

Slowly the Hexy's came together and with a little Bias Binding, ironing and Wadding, we were there. I had a little tussle with my Sewing Machine - boy did it not like me one little bit! I swear Sewing Machines have their own personalities, with good and bad days! But we got there and now I am very warm and toasty indeed! Now I'm wondering what I can paper piece next...any suggestions?

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Be still my heart

After years of wanting, looking, debating, we have finally found the one. It will be a couple of weeks until she arrives, but she is coming and I can't wait! Seriously second hand furniture shopping is the very best, especially when it supports a massively worthy Charity, The Benjamin Foundation.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

What does £71 buy you?

Since the beginning of this year, we have been doing our food shopping a little differently. We've grown tired of the Supermarkets - they're just so busy and, well, just not for us. So we've been visiting different farm shops and butchers near to us, finding out which ones would be a good fit for us. It's been a much better experience and I now get excited about food shopping - something that I very much used to dread. I love the ease, freshness, value and knowledge  that comes along with people who genuinely love their what they do.  We've been doing our weekly shop every Saturday but this week we planned ahead and did our food shop for 2 weeks. We've been finding the vegetables from the Farm Shop easily last two weeks and our favoured Butcher is a little further afield, so it just makes sense.

We're planning a lot of Baking - Apple and Cinnamon Slide, Jam and Coconut Slice, Breakfast Pastries and Cinnamon Blondies and then some Egg and Cress sandwiches which always go down well in this house. I'm also going to make some Carrot and Bran Muffins for the Freezer. 30 Free Range Eggs for just £4.80 - completely amazing and they have the most beautifully gold yellow yolks.

So, our two weeks worth of shopping came to £71 - we used to spend about £50 a week in the Supermarket, so this gave us quite a saving. We have a menu chalk board in our Kitchen which really helps with meal planning and my forgetful brain! I'm so glad we've changed our shopping habits for so many, many reasons.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ceramic Painting

For Mothers Day, my Mum wanted to have a go at Ceramic Painting. I found a place near her in Kent called Kippy's, made a booking and on Saturday morning, off we went. I took some drawings as I didn't want to be stuck for ideas and boy was I glad I did as the selection of Bisque Ware was amazing - so hard to choose what I wanted to paint! I could decide if I wanted a Jug, a Bowl or a vase - but then was also a Teapot and a Gingerbread House - oh the decisions!

I opted for a small plate, my Mum went with a Mug and the Boy choose a Canister. Then it was time to paint. The very kind Lady who owns the Cafe went through the method and also gave me some carbon paper so I could trace my drawing onto the plate. There were hot mugs of tea, pretty colours and paint brushes - complete heaven!

I didn't take a picture of the front of my plate but I did take a shot of the back! On the front I went with flowers and two birds in shades of pinks, blues and greys.

The Boy painted a spotty design in Pinks and Blues for our kitchen - it's going to look so lovely in there! He even had enough time to paint a Truck which to be honest was probably more up his street!

My beautiful Mum painted Sunflowers on her Mug. Complete with teeny tiny Sunflowers on the handle and a large Sunflower in the bottom of the Mug. We spent about three and a half hours at Kippy's and I don't think I have ever seen the three of us concentrate so much. I'm so glad Mum choose to do this as it was a lot of fun and I am so looking forward to picking up our items!


We managed to sneak a couple of days away down in Brighton recently. I quite simply adore Brighton, It's such a colourful, vibrant place, but one I feel very safe in. I love wandering around The Lanes, sitting in Cafes and spending time on the Beach. I love the Piers, the Royal Pavillion and the shopping. Most of all I adore the street art - it's just so very beautiful. I would love to paint my house in colourful polka dots!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Alice and Burlap

The other day I found a single A4 sheet on Inkjet Transfer paper lurking in my crafty supplies stash. This led of all manners of ideas flooding my head, but there as just one that really stuck. We usually have an Easter gathering of friends, food and general merriment. This year I've been thinking about having a little Mad     Hatters Tea Party theme. Therefore some bunting was needed, you just simply can't have merriment without bunting. It's a fact, well at least in this house!

I choose Burlap for this Bunting - I love it and have used it on many projects, it's just so versatile. A bit of cutting, a lot of fray stopper, some faux Bias making and then came the fun bit, the images. I found a site which has so many pretty images to download, called Vintage Digital Stamps. I wanted Alice in Wonderland, but something subtle, no Alice would not be making an appearance. So I chose the Mad Hatter himself, the Rabbit, a Tea Cup, a Teapot, a Fork and Spoon, a Rose and then I made a Drink Me label on Photoshop. The iron came out, the transfers were ironed on!

My Sewing Machine and I have been really quite good friends for a while now - we haven't fallen out in an absolute age! It has taken us many years to get to this stage in our friendship.

Some pining and sewing, then there was bunting. I am quite looking forward to Easter now. Decorating the house with pastel coloured Glass Eggs, Chickens and Rabbits. Hot Cross Bun Eating and the end of Lent when I can eat Chocolate again. Bring on the Mad Hatters (also known as my rather lovely friends!).