Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Toasty Warm

After making my Hexy patchwork cover for my baby blanket, I was missing the gentle rhythm of paper piecing pretty fabrics together. I was itching to make something else - but did this house need more Hexy clad things? On a recent trip across the boarder into Suffolk, we dipped into Quilters Haven, a completely divine fabric shop where I went for the most sweetly patterned Charm pack - and I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. At some point it would be destined to be made into a hot water bottle cover, but with Spring on the way, it seemed as if the fabric would be stored away until next Autumn. But with this chilling coldness that is gripping Britain, it really seemed that now was the right time.

I just adore the colours and patterns of this Charm pack - the soft creams, teal and muted reds along with teeny tiny flowers. It's an unexpected colour way - not something I would have put together if buying fat quarters, but I think it is quite simply divine. Again, the boy got our Craft Robo out and made 100 paper Hexy's in no time at all - he's a complete doll! Then I was able to settle into the slow pace of paper piecing.

Slowly the Hexy's came together and with a little Bias Binding, ironing and Wadding, we were there. I had a little tussle with my Sewing Machine - boy did it not like me one little bit! I swear Sewing Machines have their own personalities, with good and bad days! But we got there and now I am very warm and toasty indeed! Now I'm wondering what I can paper piece next...any suggestions?


Louise said...

oh I could just do with that right now, it's so very cold! Lovely fabric - it looks great!

gilly said...

Love your fabrics - the French General ones are always so lovely. Well done on all those hexie a too, the end result is fab!
Keep warm :-)

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

This is just what you need at the moment! Keep cosy! :) x

Lisa said...

It's completely beautiful!
I love the colours and the vintage feel. I would be very happy to get snuggly with something so gorgeous and cleverly handmade.
Lisa x

Stacey S said...

Oh how fabulous! I love your hexies. Have you seen the Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt design by Jen Kingwell? It's been on my to-do list for ages ... and it will really cater to your paper piecing needs! x

serendipity said...

How lovely. French General fabrics are beautiful aren't they. xx

sweetpea family said...

Hi Claire

I love your fabric and you are just so clever

Sue x

gillyflower said...

Gorgoeus fabrics, the hexies are perfect for the hot water bottle cover. they are addictive arent they?!