Sunday, 3 March 2013

Alice and Burlap

The other day I found a single A4 sheet on Inkjet Transfer paper lurking in my crafty supplies stash. This led of all manners of ideas flooding my head, but there as just one that really stuck. We usually have an Easter gathering of friends, food and general merriment. This year I've been thinking about having a little Mad     Hatters Tea Party theme. Therefore some bunting was needed, you just simply can't have merriment without bunting. It's a fact, well at least in this house!

I choose Burlap for this Bunting - I love it and have used it on many projects, it's just so versatile. A bit of cutting, a lot of fray stopper, some faux Bias making and then came the fun bit, the images. I found a site which has so many pretty images to download, called Vintage Digital Stamps. I wanted Alice in Wonderland, but something subtle, no Alice would not be making an appearance. So I chose the Mad Hatter himself, the Rabbit, a Tea Cup, a Teapot, a Fork and Spoon, a Rose and then I made a Drink Me label on Photoshop. The iron came out, the transfers were ironed on!

My Sewing Machine and I have been really quite good friends for a while now - we haven't fallen out in an absolute age! It has taken us many years to get to this stage in our friendship.

Some pining and sewing, then there was bunting. I am quite looking forward to Easter now. Decorating the house with pastel coloured Glass Eggs, Chickens and Rabbits. Hot Cross Bun Eating and the end of Lent when I can eat Chocolate again. Bring on the Mad Hatters (also known as my rather lovely friends!).


Louise said...

That's brilliant - I love it!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

This is great! :) x

Lisa said...

I love your bunting, it'll look great up and decorating your tea party.
We've been eating hot cross buns for weeks, we all love them in our house, they are the after school snack of choice!
Lisa x

Anne said...

I love your bunting! And your blog is very nice :)

Gillian said...

What a fantastic and very original idea! I love the effect of the black and white illustrations against the cream burlap.

Gillian x

Stacey said...

Oh how FABULOUS! I love the burlap, and Alice is my ultimate. I think you've hit on a winner here :)