Monday, 28 May 2012

Over the Border

Sometimes we head over the border - all the way to Suffolk. We have been to Beccles quite as few times as it's a lovely market town and only about 30 minutes from home. It has some fabulous Antiques shops and a few rather delightful gift / home stores. It also has some great road names like Blyburgate and Puddingmoor.

Our main reason was to visit the new Vintage Mischief as mentioned on Bobo Bun's Blog. What a shop! They had so much to look at with lots of pretty bunting strung everywhere and an awesome map flooring upstairs. We'll definitely be back.

 They have a really good Haberdashery - endless walls of beautiful yarn. Although I was very good and just got the tailoring pencil that I needed. But there were many things I wanted!

As we wandered around the town we noticed a rather wonderfully patriotic window display. Look at the Crown Tea Cosy! Love. The Chickens ones are pretty cute too.

We finished our afternoon in the rather delightful Twyfords. We sat in the Garden - such a lovely lovely place. We both had Scones with Elderflower for me and Coffee Cooler for the Mr. The garden is planted with pretty silver Foliage and Purples. There's also a very cool water feature.Very peaceful. Plus it was one of the most yummy Scones I've ever eaten!

Love Beccles.


FourHappyBunnies said...

Thanks for the post - I'm adding Beccles to my 'must visit in
2012' list x

Lynne said...

I've only been to Beccles once, some years ago to discuss Nursery Nurses with the Health Visiting Team there! It seemed a lovely place to work.

Also, I believe there is a good fabric shop there. Hmm several good reasons to pop by again!

Mrs Thrifty said...

I love it too - I live there!!! Travel in to Norwich daily to work though. I am so lucky to live in this gorgeous tow. I grew up in Norfolk and that is where my heart is xx