Monday, 21 May 2012


Adolphe Rousseau

Big blowsy frilly fragrant blooms are the best way to describe Peonies. Oh and their scent, completely perfect, reminds me of Rose Turkish Delight. I adore them, especially the double varieties. Like Roses, I collect them. It's the first section I check out in a Nursery. I get excited in when I see their red glossy shoots breaking through the earth. I have quite a few now and I really love the ones from Claire Austen. They make me very happy. 

Alexander Fleming

Bridal Icing

Margaret Truman

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Planet Penny said...

My new daughter-in-law loves peonies, and her bridal bouquet 10 days ago was comprised of just enormous frilly pale pink peony flowers and looked amazing! The only one I had in my garden never bloomed, and then died, but seeing yours I think I'll have another go!