Monday, 14 May 2012

Emporiums and Rooms

Today my Sister and I headed down to Magdalen Street here in Norwich for a bit of a look around Looses Emporium. I'm really fortunate to have a Sister who shares so many similar interests and is quite happy to potter around antique / flea markets. Looses is one of our favourite places to mooch around. We spent a lot of time looking, even more debating and picking this and that up before we make our final decisions.

We tried on lots of clothing but unfortunately nothing was quite right. I really loved a Tartan Poncho but it was just too big. Boo! They had a fabulous selection of Cameras which my Husband will have to go a look at as he had a small but growing collection. I was very tame with my purchases today, just a small pretty Thistle Brooch. I've been after something like this for a little while so am pleased to have finally found one!

We then went to a new to us shop on Hall Road, The Craft Room. What a shop! At the moment the window has a Jubilee feel which looks utterly fabulous with their red Awning, Bunting and Geraniums.

It's a really lovely shop and whilst we were there, there was a Crochet Class going on. I love the ethos of the shop. This is how it's explained on their website;

Our product range includes: homeware, greeting cards, textiles, jewellery, accessories, photographic prints and food items. Most of our stock is handcrafted and produced locally by more than 45 talented people and businesses.

There was just so many pretty things to choose from. I bought a Happiness Manifesto Print which had already been hung in our Living Room. Love the meaning of this print and the colours are just perfect.

My Sister also bought a Eclectic Eccentricity Necklace and was thrilled to find a stockist so close to home. She's always ordered from the them on the Internet before. She really did choose a good one, I might have to borrow it!

Aside from that we had to pick up some medicine for our 18 year old Cat, Rosie. Poor love, she has Arthritis. Hopefully this will make things a little more comfortable for her. But at least the health check at the Vets showed us that otherwise she is in very good condition considering her age. Man, I love this little lady.


quintonwench said...

I am surprised you have any money living near The Craft Room - I've just looked at their site and if I lived around there, I'd be penniless! But I guess you come out of there full of ideas.

Thanks for sharing.

karen @ quintonwench

Mrs. Sutton said...

Oooooh - Thanks for being my eyes and ears in Norwich! I never know where to go for the good shops, so this has been an absolute MINE of information! I always end up at The Bell Jar, on Upper St. Giles Street, which is my absolute favourite shop in the whole world - but after 2 years, I really need to expand my horizons, so I will be keeping track of your shopping trends VERY carefully - lol!
Paula xxx