Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Now it might be deemed awful and many people roll their eyes when you mention it but I just quite simply adore Eurovision! On Saturday we hosted our annual Eurovision party. We always have the European Food challenge where everyone brings as many different things from as many different Countries as possible. This year we went one better than last year with 17 Countries in total present on the dining room table. We always end up with doubling up of Countries, but it is always fun seeing what people have brought and how inventive we can be - some of the links can be very tenuous! It was all very yummy!

The Countries we had delicacies from this year were; Cyprus, Italy, Spain, UK, Poland, Greece, Ireland, France, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium and Estonia.

We had scorecards and Terry Wogan bunting (legend!). There was lots of shouting at the TV and giggling. I loved every second of it. One year I am going to have to see it live. But I expect that will have to be a plane flight as I can't ever see it coming to the UK. Love Eurovision! I can't wait until next year.


Lynne said...

Ah, now y'see, it's absolutely fine to do Eurovision as long as it's in an IRONIC way! And you certainly seem to do that, what a fab evening, ove the Terry Wogan bunting! And I'm proud to see that UK did as expected and retained her 'one of the bottom 3' position.

Gina ♥ said...

You're the second person in a week that I heard of that loves the Eurovision and that's two more than I ever expected to find! Glad you had a good evening! X

xtiffyxx said...

i absolutely love eurovision! (how good was russia!)
ive watched it every year since i can remember.. never had a eurovision party but after reading your blog it seems like a fantastic idea, especially cooking foods from different places!