Sunday, 13 May 2012


Gertrude Jekyll

I love Roses. They adorn my walls in frames, there's dozens of them in the garden, I wear Rose scented moisturiser and Lip Balm, I would call a Daughter Rose. There's nothing I don't like about then. My very favourite Roses are those by David Austen

Williams and Catherine

They have a remarkable fragrance, that of old roses. It lingers in air and makes sitting in the garden a joyous experience. The best bit is they repeat flower so you get their beauty for longer. I keep a list of which ones I want to collect and I always swoon over their catalogue.

Sir John Betjeman


Claire Austen

Lady Salisbury

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FourHappyBunnies said...

So pleased to have found your blog Claire. I love roses too and think the old fashioned varieties are wonderful. My Nan had a rose garden and I used to love wandering around with her and making 'perfume' with the petals.
My favourite rose is the Willam and Catherine - so frothy and pretty xx