Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Granny Stripes

Over the Winter I turned the above Yarn into a snuggle warn blanket. I have stashed this yarn for a very long time, picking up my first ten balls whilst on holiday in the Peak District three years ago! I wanted a pure fibre yarn, something warming for cold winter nights. I then spend time picking up a ball here and to be honest, I've really no idea how many I eventually bought, I really lost count!

The pattern was from Attic 24 which so was well written it was just a dream to follow. I kept it safe, choosing my usual colour pallette. I went with Snow, Enamel, Flour, Barley, Tudor Rose, Raspberry, Cypress, Pier, Earth and Mocha. 

It was a bit of a frustrating project due to my own ability - I realised about 3/4 of the way through that the bit I was working on was a lot larger than the beginning! So out came lots and lots of rows, but I wanted it to be right so it was the best decision. I do find it strange with a large project that it becomes mind numbingly boring, but within a few days of finishing it, I miss it, terribly. What's that about?!

I finished it off with a boarder of Scallops and it's big enough to cover the length of our king sized bed and then about half way up. I'm pretty pleased with it and it really is super warm. I expected to store this away for next Winter in our Blanket Box, but considering the weather at the moment, it's still going to get some use  for a little while. I'm definitely not complaining about this!


Annette - "MyRoseValley" said...

HOw gorgeous. Makes me want to start a granny stripe project. Simple is best, that is my opinion. Your color choice is so calming... I imagine having hot cocoa with LOTS of whipped cream and knitted stripy socks to match your blanket. And yes, you start out all excited. About a quarter through you ask yourself "Why did I start this humungous project?" and that is when you have to push yourself a bit. Nothing is greater than the satisfaction when it is all done though. Then you feel that it was worth every minute, every row, every stitch. And somehow, yes, you do miss the company of your project that has been a part of your working hands, your laps, in your WiP basket fro such a long time. Time for a new project maybe? What will that be?

Fleur Cotton said...

That's a beautiful blanket and I love the colour palette you have chosen.

Fleur xx