Wednesday, 16 May 2012

More Wrist Warmers in May

Thank goodness the weather is still a little chilly as I'm making more Wrist Warmers. I'm finding them  slightly addictive. I think I could make endless pairs - they're so quick to make and I could have a pair in every colour of the rainbow and ones to match every outfit! There's one pair for me and the others are for friends. I'm keeping the above white and blue pair as I wear a lot of these colours, plus the Blue is a great match for my Winter Coat. I kept my ones a little shorter and no fancy edging. The other two pairs have pretty scallop edging and I've chosen their favourite colours; I like when you make a gift for someone you can create something that is really specific for them, hopefully something they'll love. 

The rate the weather in Blighty is going I'll be wearing these in August!

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