Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A special treat

We've just had a super weekend. There's been a Wedding, Hotels, a quick visit to the Peak District and Spa time, but more of that in another post! Our first stop of the weekend was the Emma Bridgewater factory. Eeek! To say I was a little excited was an understatement. It was wall to wall of beautiful pottery. One end of the Factory was seconds and the other was their main shop. We started in the seconds - there was just so much choice and the overall effect of so much EB was quite astounding. Plus I love a discount.

After many times going round the seconds we ventured up to the main shop - it was so beautiful laid out. I just wanted to take it all home. It was really nice to see some things that I hadn't seen before either.

The actual buildings were amazing too and as we wandered back to the car we spied this through a window.

Fortunately the boy and I had chosen to buy a few pieces for our 13th Anniversary which is this Valentines Day. So what came home with us?

I'd thorough recommend a stop if you are ever in the Stoke area - next time we are that way we are definitely going to stop again, go on the factory tour and have lunch in their Cafe. I also want to spend some time in their decorating studio - hmmm maybe my Birthday perhaps?!


gilly said...

Oh I've been dying to go there for ages! It looks fab - def going to put it on my list for days out in Spring. Are their prices a lot better than high street?
Love your flower mugs - good choice!

Jay said...

What a super day out, I'd love it. We used to live in the Stoke area but sadly before Emma Bridgewater's days - and before I was old enough to appreciate good china too!

Tineke Bolleboom said...

Wat een leuke dag zal dat geweest zijn, mooie spullen
Fijne dag verder Tineke

Louise said...

Emma B is not that far from me and I visited a few weeks ago with Rosie (of the blog Corners of my Mind) - I enjoyed it, it was my first visit! I'd love to paint my own piece one day too.

Dawn said...

I'm very jealous - would love a trip to the EB factory, although it might be a bit hard on my finances if I did!

Lisa said...

I love all the things you hose from the EB shop.
Happy anniversary wishes to you both.
Lisa x

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Ooh, eye candy! Sounds like a great day out. Thanks so much as well, for popping by my little blog and for your lovely comments :)

S x