Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cowgirl Hexy Blanket

She's finished! After many many hours cutting up pretty fabric, making hexagons, hand stitching and a little sewing machine action I have another quilt to add to my collection. I first saw this fabric in Hometown in Rochester - it's the best fabric shop in Kent. It's just so colourful inside full of delicious fabric that I just want to take home. I bought one charm pack and stashed it away. I then decided to make a quilt with it so when we next went back I added another charm pack to my basket. I added a couple of fabrics from my stash too; some more red and blue to balance out the overall colours.

Cutting little squares, paper piecing, hand stitching has all been a complete joy. My Husband is a complete love and make me all the hexagons using our Craft Robo - doing things like that fill me with little joy so I am very fortunate he'll help out. It's been the perfect winter activity; sitting on the Sofa with my basket of supplies, the beautiful soft colours and feeling quietly productive. Piecing together hexy flowers and eventually seeing the blanket grow bigger and bigger.

It seemed to take an absolute age to remove paper and tacking stitches and I'm completely sure I might be pulling out black threads from this blanket for a while to come!

After working on the blanket here and there, last week the front was finished! I was desperate to finish it but didn't have any time until last night when the backing fabric, sewing machine and poppers came out to get the job done! I felt quite nervous finishing off the blanket, I just didn't want to get it wrong. Fortunately it all worked out fine. My sewing machine decided to like me yesterday! The blanket was finished off with five poppers to keep the opening neat and tidy. 

Then came a special moment for me. Blankets have been a big thing in my life - I own a lot, make a few and always seem to have one no matter the weather whilst on the Sofa. Blankets are a life long love. Anyway, the purpose of making this blanket was to have a cover for my Baby Blanket. Something that's been in my life for nearly 32 years now. The special moment was putting my Baby Blanket in the cover. I am so pleased it now has a cover and is covering my lap right now. This blanket has been a complete joy to make and I love everything about it.


gilly said...

That's a true labour of love - it's gorgeous, well done!
Have a happy weekend,

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

It's wonderful, such a lot of work there! You put me to shame, my hexie has say for months now! Just beautiful, well done! :) x

Dawn said...

It's lovely - what patience you must have!

Lisa said...

I can understand why you wanted to get it just right seeing as it was going to be the new home for your baby blanket. And boy oh boy did you get it right! I love the pattern and colour combinations, it really is beautiful.
Lisa x

Plain Jane said...

What a wonderful way of rejuvenating your baby blanket - beautiful, practical and meaningful - nothing better to keep yourself warm with xghto

Sarah Jane said...

What a lovely quilt! You've much more patience than I lol!

Sarah x

my little red suitcase said...

Hi Claire, nice to meet you! your hexy quilt is gorgeous and how great is your husband for making the hexagons!! Heather x

Stacey S said...

That's such a beautiful quilt - and so perfectly stitched! I love the colours and the way it all balances out.

Isn't it wonderful when husbands get involved in craft projects? :)

katysclutter said...

Love your blanket x