Monday, 30 April 2012


Going to Canterbury is always a really lovely experience. I love the buildings and the glimpses of the Cathedral. There are so many amazing buildings, I seem to spend half my time looking up above the modern shop fronts. There's often live music being played on the streets which just adds a little something special.

Debenhams has kept the some rather wonderful shop signs. I do love the wonkyness of the Hosiers one. Oh how I wish shops were still had such names.

In the newer shopping area, Whitefriars, they have lots of archaeological diagrams / carvings on the pavement. They really are fascinating to look at. I must find out more about them...

Along with the usual shops, Canterbury is also home to some delightful independent shops, such as Chromos Art Shop.

There is also the most wonderful Fabric Shop, The Sewing Shop - they always have completely fabulous window displays along with a really well chosen large selection of fabric. It very much has a boutique feel.  I was super pleased to pick up some orange velvet fabric and although I'm not sure what I am going to do with it, but it's just gorgeous!

Just look at the inside of this place! It's just adorable!

And finally there is the Bead Pot. It's lovely little bead shop with both supplies and handmade beaded goodies - I love how busy it is whenever I've been in there.

After lots of walking, shopping and admiring we needed fortification. We  stopped in the M&S Kitchen for refreshments. I had the most wickedly sinful Sticky Toffee Cake.


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