Thursday, 12 April 2012

I do love...

I do love to Crochet. Although I've a sneaky suspicion that I prefer to buy yarn. It's everywhere! Various baskets around our home. In pretty wooden boxes. In drawers. In a *whole* blanket box! I have so many projects in mind and when a new project comes to mind, I have to rush out and get the new oh so beautiful luscious yarn. 

Then I hide it away.

One day, it gets to see the light of day! I start a new project. 

I'll Crochet the park at lunch time, in the car, be it short or long journeys, at friends houses, the list could go on.

At the moment I'm making bright colourful rounds. Rounds that will become squares which will eventually become a blanket.  I need quite a few, 360 to be exact. I can't remember where I saw this pattern, but it's all over blogland, it's so pretty!

I think I've made it a bit tricksier for myself as I want each of the rounds to be different - each must be special. So me, my yarn and Microsoft Excel sit together to make round after round after round. One day they will be introduced to the copious amounts of cream yarn sitting in the drawer in our Dining Room!

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