Wednesday, 27 June 2012


This past weekend we went to Kent to visit my Mum. On the Saturday morning we fancied some outside time so we headed to Dungeness. The weather was windy but bright, perfect weather for time at the Coast.

We've never been there before and nothing had prepared me for the unusual landscape - miles and miles of shingle. It really is quite unique.I love the amount of Flora there is and the Lighthouses. The many scattered dwellings are all so different to each other - some are hut like others are train cabins. There are seemingly random forgotten things, derelict things, rusty things. 

I love the fact that the Coast is actually growing here. The shingle gives a pinkish orange glow to everything. There aren't any boundaries and it almost seems desolate, but then you look again and realise it really isn't. There is so much beauty here. It really is an area of outstanding interest.

We really enjoyed our long walk at Dungeness, we took lots of Photos, got battered by the wind, talked lots, giggle quite a bit and enjoyed the surroundings. We will definitely be going back!


Dragonfly said...

Hello Claire, I've just found your blog and am your new follower.

Look forward to reading more.

Julie xx

Ps. I'm in the neighbouring county of Suffolk :o)

Sandie said...

Hi Claire,
Just found your blog through 'Potter Jotter Blog'.
Dungeness is on my list of place to day!

Have a great weekend,

Sandie xx