Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day Three

On the Monday, we headed across the hills from Wooler to Alnwick. Our first stop was the rather wonderful Barter Books. It really is the most amazing bookshop with comfortable seating and just so much to look at from railway memorabilia to the architecture. We then had a wander around Alnwick town centre before heading the Castle.

What a Castle! It's completely dramatic. The state rooms were amazing, just a shame you couldn't take any photographs there. I love the statues to top of the Castle, it was like they were guarding the Dukes home. I wished we could of flown around the Castle like Harry Potter! We had a Picnic again and my dearest Husband bought a wooden bow and arrow set from the Gift Shop. Bless him! There are so many amazing details in this place and so much to learn about the history of the building.

We then headed out of Alnwick down the Coast to Alnmouth then on to Warkworth. It feels like a proper fortified village and unspoilt.

Wow, this Castle is just amazing, perched at the top of the Bridge Street. Just as we reached it, the Sun came out and sky turned blue - hurrah for pretty photographs! We also found a completely amazing shop in Warkworth where I purchased a light weight spotty blue and white scarf, two boat ornaments and a Seagull ornament destined to live on our summer mantel. Warkworth is a really village and the Norman Church is something to behold.

After that we carried on further down the Coast to Amble. This village was completely decked out in bunting, wonderfully strung across the streets. We sat by the Harbour, enjoyed hot drinks and watched the Sea Birds.

By this point, it was about 5pm but the day weather wise really was just getting started and we had heard about a Pub and Beach at Low Newton that we just had to visit, so we drove 45 minutes up the Coast. We walked down the hill and game across the most wonderful Fisherman's Square, complete with a Pub. It feels completely isolated and like we'd stepped back in time.

We sat on the Beach for a long time, watching the fishermen go out to sea and then we saw a Heron. A Heron! It was such a peaceful place to be. It was so nice to just sit in the warmth and spend time with my Husband.

We enjoyed a Drink in The Ship Inn which is a completely fabulous Pub. They brew their own Beer which have the most wonderful names like Sandcastles at Dawn, Sea Wheat, Dolly Daydream, Sea Dog, and Do The Ginger Hop. I loved the wooden bar, the Hops hanging and the local artists work on the walls.

Dunstanburgh Castle completely teased us from Low Newton and because the evening was so fine and warm, we went back down towards Embleton. We then walked and walked some more, making our way towards the Castle across the entire length of Embleton Bay.

The Sea was really Blue, such a vivid Blue. I could watch the rolling sea for a very long time. We felt completely privileged to see a Marsh Orchid. I was really pleased that I recognised it. Boy, I love being at the Coast so very very much.

The sun started to set, it looked amazing on the Bay. We eventually headed back to the Caravan, VERY begrudgingly as we'd had such a fun day.


Claire said...

Hey Claire, you are so lucky living in such a beautiful place. I am completely and utterly jealous, hehe....

Your photos are wonderful and I would be madly searching for my passport and packing my suitcase if there were enough pennies in the bank to fund a trip...........I shall just have to be patient !!
The Ship Inn, looks amazing as does the Castle at Alnwick. Beautiful photos of the beach, so mesmerising watching the waves roll and how gorgeous is that bunting?

A lovley post,

Claire :}

The mum of all trades said...

Stunning photographs, it looks like a really lovely part of England. The castle is so cool.

Jooles said...

what a incredible castles and some very lovely bunting there too!
love jooles x

Lynne said...

Oh yes! I was in heaven when we discovered BArter Books - just cross we hadn't known in advance - I could have taken BAGS of books to swap!