Monday, 4 June 2012

The American Diner

We were in Kent this weekend and we've always wanted to try The American Diner at Bybrook Barn. We were up nice and early on Saturday, so we went for Breakfast. Man, this place is the business. It was built in Elisabeth, New Jersey and then shipped to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where it was located on the River Road, along the bank of the Susquehanna River. It stayed there for 49 years.

The Diner is classic art deco design with round corners and curved surfaces.  The stools, the rang hood,  the tile walls, floor and blue stained glass roof are all original. I love the Seating Booths, the Juke Boxes on each table and the Open Pepsi Neon sign. The service is nice and friendly too.

So, for breakfast I had a Banana Pancake and my Husband had Hash Browns, Eggs and Bacon. Yum and Yum! I absolutely adore Pancakes and this one was so very very good! I loved that you watched your Breakfast being made.

Ok, so I am loving the decor, the menu and just the whole vibe of the place, so when it came to lunchtime on Sunday, this was the only option, so we headed back. And we were not disappointed! Cheese and Bacon Burgers for us both and boy they were yummy!

Our tummies might have been full, but I just had to have another Banana Pancake which we shared. Pancakes really are the things of dreams. I think this place is the place for Breakfast when we are in Kent!

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Lynne said...

What a brill visit! I share your love of pancakes - especially when someone else has cooked them. It was my favourite thing about Holland when I went with my sister----oooh, umpty-tumpty years ago. Can still remember them.