Monday, 25 June 2012

Day Five

We had an early morning on our fifth day in Northumberland so we could make sure we caught a Boat. A Boat, all the way out to the Farne Isles! I could barely contain my excitement. We parked, rush down towards the harbour, paid our pennies and walked down towards the Boat. Glad Tidings No. 5.

The Boat was bedecked with lots of pretty bunting and the Sky was a beautiful blue. Well, maybe not the swell that seems to be lurking outside of the harbour walls, but I just couldn't wait for the Boat to get going. The smell of Diesel kicked in and we were off!

Indeed, outside of the harbour walls, the swell was large indeed. I slid all across the seat much to the amusement of the grand gentleman who was sat next to me. But then we started to get close to the Inner Farne, complete with it's Victorian Lighthouse and then the noise of the birds hit me. It really is one of the most exciting seabird colonies with 23 species including Puffins! Puffins! I must have looks like a child at Christmas or the Cat that got all the cream!

The Boat carried on, slowly around the Islands. It was high tide at the time, so many of the islands were hidden by the waves. We saw the Medieval Pele Tower and more birds than I could ever count. We then went towards the Outer Farnes and saw the Grey Seals. Oh how I love Seals. We often Swim with two at Sea Palling here in Norfolk and quite often see them at Wells but I've never seen so many.

We saw many Puffins whilst on the journey, but this lonely Puffins captured my heart.

We got to see the rather beautiful Lighthouse on Longstone - it looks amazing against the deep Blue Sea and Sky. We got told all about the story of Grace Darling and the wreck of the Forfarshire where  she and her father in 1838 rescued 9 people in a strong gale and thick fog from the wreck which had run aground on Harket Rock.

Be still my beating heart. It really was one of the most amazing things I have done. It was the most perfect hour and a half and I could have been out there all day. Unfortunately for my Husband, it transpires that he gets very bad seasickness. He spent the entire trip looking dreadful. Bless him. Once we came back into the harbour he looked most relieved. We then had a wander into Seahouses to purchase some Rock for friends and then some Chips for us. Yum. Then off we went to Bamburgh Castle. What a Castle!

We were more in the mood for some time on the Beach so we walked around the outside of the Castle, of course, taking lots of Photographs before entering the Dunes. We found a patch and made ourselves comfortable. We marvelled at how far away the Farne Isles looked. The Sun beat down and the Dunes protected us from the wind. We laid on blankets and soon I and the Boy drifted off to sleep. Two hours later we awoke - it truly was, simply the very best sleep of my life.

After our most epic beach sleep, we went to Beadnell to see the 18th Century Lime Kilns. The sunshine made them glow the most wonderfully warm stone yellow. We had a walk around the Harbour and watch a pair of Herons. Beadnell is lovely, from the beached boats to the smallest Harbour inlet I have ever seen to the sweet names of some of the Boats. It was just entirely peaceful.

Just East of the harbour was Ebb's Neuk where the ruins of a 13th century chapel lie. According to the sign legend has it that it was built by Oswalk, King of Northumbria for his Sister St Ebba. It was just amazing how far out to see you could walk out on the promontory. We spent an age here watching the sea and admiring the view. Beautiful.

It was then very much home time as the sun began to set with a quick stop in Alnwick for supplies before going back to Caravan to enjoy a simple supper and an early night.

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Lynne said...

Claire thank you so much for this journey! I have seen parts of Northumberland which I've never seen before, you've inspired me to do more, go further next time we are there for any length of time.