Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day Eight

This was our travelling home day. But unlike our journeys on the way to holidays where we go straight there we always stop at as many places as possible on the way home. Our first stop was The Angel of the North. I always expected it to be large, but it was simply massive! It was rather busy there as we were only an hour away of the Olympic Torch being there. I'm so glad we stopped.

Our next stop was Durham. We headed straight to the Castle and Cathedral. The Cathedral in it's sheer size just blew me away. There was a Orchestra rehearsing whilst we made our way around the Cathedral which made it all the more special. The Norman Architecture is so different from that of the Cathedral in Norwich but equally as stunning. I can't believe it was completed in just 40 short years. Most of the shop windows were celebrating the graduates of the University which was really nice to see. We had a potter around the centre for a while and bought our last Stotties to take home from us. We really must learn how to make them as they are a delight.

Next up was North Allerton to go to Bettys to buy some of our much loved Fat Rascals. The queue for the Cafe was nearly out the door so I was glad that we just wanted things to take away.

We had a potter around North Allerton too and gosh I am glad we did as we saw the most wonderful yarn creations decorating the town. I love each and every bit - I cannot imagine how much work went into this.

Our very last stop was our beloved Sutton Bank. I remember the first time we went to Sutton Bank and I will always love it there. The views are amazing over the Vales of York and Mowbray. I love the Road up to the top which has a gradient of 25% and a hairpin bend.

And here ends our holiday, well apart from getting horribly lost in Lincolnshire due to many many road closures! We had a wonderful time. We did and saw many lovely things and albeit a lot of blog posts, I'm glad I've gone into such detail so I won't ever forget our wonderful Northern adventure!

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