Monday, 18 June 2012

Day One

We set off at 10 o'clock in the morning and headed East then North. We didn't have much expectation for the weather for the week after seeing a few reports and this was confirmed by the Sky on the A1 at 4pm. Just a few seconds after this, the heavens opened and boy did it rain. We could only just see a few feet in front of our car. We pushed North and the Sky became less threatening and there was the odd glimpse of the Blue stuff.

At 6pm we arrived at our destination, Wooler, Northumberland to a rather lovely Caravan Park. We headed out for supplies and we just couldn't resist taking the road down towards the Coast, towards Holy Island. I've wanted to go there for years and years, since I first heard about it in my first year at University in 1999. We had no idea of what the Causeway was up to, no idea if we could get across, I just needed to lay my eyes on the Island. Yup, no surprise, there was no way across. But we did marvel in the beauty of the Coast and watch two Swans paddle around.

We sure did not want to end up like this...

We then headed back to the our very cosy caravan, picked some Wildflowers for the table which my Husband found quite amusing as I pranced, ok practically danced my way around the field. We then settled down for our traditional first night of holiday meal, Steak and Salad followed by some Fruit Flan before heading to bed excited for the week ahead of us.

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Lynne said...

Wooler - not far from where my jhusband was brought up! Oh, Lindisfarne, I only got to go there last year despite LIVING up there for 2 whole years , years ago. It was wonderful...not sure what youngters will make of it,but do go if you have the chance, If you like your history nip across to Housteads, the old Roman fortifications and grain stores etc etc. Alnwick castle.....HOGWARTS! We are taking our grandchildren up there next month. My favourite place....Rothbury up in the hills, where I'd love to live. Oooh come on with those photos!!!!