Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Halloween and Fireworks

We had a rather lovely weekend. We decided to combine both Halloween and Fireworks together in one lovely gathering. Our friends had decorated their house in some of the cutest Halloween decorations; Pumpkins, Cob Webs, Bats hanging from the ceilings, Ghosts the lot. They had changed their light bulbs to green ones so it did look rather spooky. We ate Autumn worthy comforting food like slow cooked Chilli, Soup and Jacket Potatoes. Then then was S'mores Cake - oh my, it was so delicious! Chocolate and Marshmallow - how can you go wrong?! I think I will be making this forever more on Bonfire night.

There was a little fancy dress too. There was a Zombie, a Witch, a Fox and a Rabbit. I adore the effort my friends go to with Fancy dress. They always do such a fantastic job! Plus it makes me giggle seeing us all dressed up.

My Husband and I went as Morticia and Gomez Addams - it's really weird looking at this photo as we just quite simply don't look like ourselves! We even freaked my Sister out a little when she saw us.

Then there were the Fireworks! They were amazing, there were so many and we had Sparklers too. We saved this big one until last and we really had saved the best to last. We finished off the evening with a scary movie which was interspersed with many shrieks! It was such a lovely, silly, yummy and fun evening.


Lynne said...

Oh WOW! How brilliant, your costume/make-up is so good. bet you had a fab time too. Lx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Very freaky....great! :(