Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day Two

We awoke fairly early on our first full day in the Peak District after having a good nights sleep. It rained throughout the night and it was really quite marvellous listening to the rain on the tent. We were fortunately snug as bugs inside the tent. As it was quite damp out we thought we would go for breakfast out and so we jumped in the car and got on the road.

We headed straight for Bakewell as we wanted to go to one of our favourite Tea Rooms, The Lavender Rooms, which unfortunately were shut. So we headed around the corner to The Original Bakewell Pudding Shop where we indulged in a Bacon Roll for me and the Big Bakewell Breakfast for the Boy, which included a most delicious Oatcake. We had a wander around Bakewell too while we were there, dipping in and out of shops and just enjoying a meander.

After Bakewell we went to Chatsworth. I adore the approach to the Estate - the magnificence of the house astounds me every time. This holiday we decided to not go around the house and gardens as we are planning on going back for their Christmas in December. We just love seeing the house, visiting the shop and looking out for the Deer.

For the first time we went to the Chatsworth Farm Shop which was amazing - filled with wonderful produce. It all looked so yummy. We were very good and just bought two Cherry and Sultana Scones for later in the day, but we also bought the most wonderfully soft sheepskin rug - it's one of the most tactile thing that we have ever bought! 

Then it was time for a walk - off to Stanage Edge we went. It really is my favourite spot in the Peak District. The skies might have been darkening, but we just didn't care, we just want to be at there. The Ridge is about 4 miles long and around 450 meters at it's highest point. The exposed cliff was certainly being battered by the wind whilst we were up there, but it was completely invigorating. At the bottom of the grit stone escarpment lay several huge Mill Stones. We spent quite a while up there until the rain came lashing down so we quickly headed for the car!

Next up, Castleton - we wanted a hot drink and knew a good Cafe there. I also like looking at the various Blue John Stone jewellery shops. Last time we were there my good Husband bought be a lovely Blue John Necklace which I do wear quite often. But it doesn't stop me looking! Blue John is a semi previous mineral, a form of Flourite which has bands of purple blue and yellow. What makes it particularly special is that it's only found in Castleton.

Whilst we were in Castleton we saw this lovely sign in a Tea Room window. It did make me really smile.

Whilst in Castleton, we went up Winnats Pass. The road winds through a cleft, surrounded by towering limestone pinnacles. The height of the towering crags and the vibrancy of the green astounds me. It's amazing what natures can create and leaves for us to enjoy and marvel at.

Winnats pass by kev747
Winnats pass, a photo by kev747 on Flickr.

We finished the day driving Snakes Pass between Lady Bower Reservoir and Glossop. It's an amazing road which passes over the Pennines between the moorland of Kinder Scout and Bleaklow. You can see little waterfalls along the road, the heather and hills - oh it is remarkable. We then went for Fish and Chips in Longnor before spending the evening in he Manifold Inn keeping warm by the fire. We eventually retired to the camp site and the sky was so clear and it was so dark that stars were so bright it was extraordinary. We spent quite a while staring up at the sky, enjoying the peaceful night.

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Places I know well! Think you are so brave though, camping! Ada :)