Monday, 17 September 2012

Christmas Patchwork

I have wanted to make a Christmas quilt for a very long time, a very long time indeed. I love the idea of being wrapped up in it in December or sitting on it opening presents on Christmas morning. I started this quilt this time last year but then it got packed away half finished until I rediscovered it last week and I decided that I just simply had to finish it. I started collecting the fabrics an absolutely age ago - I love the Basic Grey fabrics so patterns from the Jovial and Fruitcake range where the way to go. I love the Red, Brown and Teal combination - just perfect Winter Christmas colours. I picked up the fabric in a very piecemeal fashion from here and there. Slowly my collection grew and I also added a few bits from my stash. Then finally, I had enough!

So last year, I made the front of the quilt before it got packed away. I spent a long time measuring, putting in sewing lines. I just really wanted all the corners to meet and be just right! Of course, they don't, but I am working on learning to live with imperfect perfectness! 

After buying a walking foot a couple of weeks ago though, I had no excuse not to finish it. This weekend was the weekend. There were a few arguments with my sewing machine when it decided not to cooperate, but I got there! I went for a Cotton wadding as I wanted something fairly lightweight and it's made the quilt beautifully warm. I must admit to being pleased as punch with it. I am not sure I am going to rush into making another patchwork quilt as I do find spending a long time of my sewing machine laborious and noisy! I much prefer comparatively sedate crochet but I have found it such an achievement to have completed my first patchwork quilt!


Streetcomber said...

That's lovely. I'm envious of your skills!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Love the colours! My fingers are aching from mine, it's all hand sewn, think I must be a bit mad! Ada :) (loving it though!) ;)

ALoadofOldTat said...

Love your fabric choices.