Wednesday, 22 August 2012

This is why I shouldn't leave Norfolk!

Very early this morning, I boarded a train to London to attend a meeting for work. I haven't been to London on my own since I was 18. I felt quite proud of myself negotiating the crowds, the underground and arriving at my destination early. I even had a chance to sit for a moment in Soho Square.

It all then went a little pear shaped, I had gone to the wrong office. I was in the West End and I needed to be in the City! The office were I was were very helpful indeed and ordered a Taxi to take me across town to where I should have actually been! It was a rather nice journey, saw lots of sights from Shaftesbury Avenue to St Pauls and Chinatown. It was kinda funny being in a people carrier with blacked out windows. But boy did I feel a Muppet and this is why I shouldn't leave Norfolk alone!

After my meeting on the way back to Liverpool Street Station, I marvelled at the exceptionally tall buildings and some of the architectural beauties of some of the buildings. I always love Leadenhall Market and always smile as I pass the door of the Leaky Cauldron from the Harry Potter film.

There was still quite a lot of Olympic stuff around - I got to see a Wenlock and lots and lots of poster and bunting. On the train home there was also quite a good view of the Olympic Park. I must confess though I was very glad to get back to Norfolk!


Jooles said...

Oh you poor thing ....but you got there in the end, so a big pat on the back for you
love jooles x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

That's the sort of thing I would do! I constantly live in a mixed up world! At least you saw more of London! Ada :)

Lisa said...

It's been a year since we took the train to Norwich and passed the Olympic park, would be good to go past now and see it complete!
Glad you got to your destination in the end!
Lisa x