Monday, 13 August 2012

Rochester and Faversham

This weekend we went down to Kent. When we're visiting my Mum, I'm always keen to go to Rochester. As I've mentioned before, I love most things about Rochester. Top of my list goes to the Fabric Shop, Hometown. It is just the prettiest shop and I'm loving the new fabric covered letters they've put up. They also  had another window display in an empty shop which was also very pretty. I bought some Ric Rac and Jingle Bells for some Christmas making ideas that I've been mulling over. 

We headed to the Soap Shop as I wanted a Bath Bomb. You see, we don't have a Bath at home, just a Shower, so it's always a treat to have one at Mum's.  They had so many pretty ones to choose from and I went with a Lavender one - I just love the smell of Lavender.

We had wander down the High Street, popping in and out of shops. I love the antique shops in Rochester and one of them had a large selection of beautiful Vintage Clothing.

While we were there, it would have been rude not to have a look at the Kit Heath beads in Denis Green. A bead came home with me and now my bracelet is full.

We then headed to Faversham, just along the A2. Despite the amount of times we've been to Kent, we've never been to Faversham, but I'm glad we have now.

The street signs are the prettiest I have ever seen - the font is beautiful. I wish all street signs looked like this.

It really was very warm - just look at the colour of the sky, no Photoshop involved! It really was that blue.

We've been after more storage for our house for a while now and as we wandered around Faversham we found this little beauty outside on the shops - a complete bargain for £25. It's already up in our Dining Room and I plan on making Bunting for the bottom.

We also met up with Friends, who were also visiting parents in Kent for Pancakes at the American Diner - it was complete Pancake overload!

I do love weekends...


Gina ♥ said...

I love the colours of the beads on your bracelet, a very good choice. Rochester looks like another place I need to visit and the good thing is its not totally out of reach from here on the south coast!

Lynne said...

Love your bracelet....just my colours! And I'm having a drool over those pancakes it any wonder....well.I won't go on!