Monday, 6 August 2012

Colourful Weekend

Last weekend was delightful, full of beautiful colour, yummy food, organisation and Crochet. On Saturday,  after a lazy morning of PJs and Coffee, we headed to North Norfolk making our first stop at Edgefield Nursery. It's my most very favourite place to buy flowers and it's where we bought our wedding flowers. They always have the most beautiful blooms and the colours make my heart swell. We took home some Hot Pink Frilly Carnations and bought Sunflowers for a friend, just look how happy these flowers are - the yellow is the most perfect shade. 

Our main destination was Wiveton Hall Cafe which is surrounded by Strawberry fields and Raspberry Canes on a PYO Farm. We've been meaning to go there for an absolute age - anyone who paints a place with such pretty pretty colours deserves lots and lots of customers. Plus, their food, well what can I say, it was truly marvellous and local to boot, so it wins my vote.

I chose the Weybourne Lobster, New Potatoes, Salad and Green Herb Mayonnaise and the boy had Sheringham Seabass with Aioli, Rosemary infused Cannelini Beans and Samphire. I will confess to dipping my Fork into his plate, I just couldn't resist, I was nice though and did share too! Completely and utterly beautiful food and I'm very glad we went.

After lunch we drove to our friends house, however, we had arrived too early. So we headed to The Pigs in Edgefield for a Coffee and a game of cards. We started off playing 21s but ended with Snap - far more us!

When our friend was home, we helped her prepare some food and then we headed over to her Allotment in Reepham. We spent the evening admiring the plots and enjoying an supper of Jacket Potatoes and Allotment goodies - it really was rather lovely and extremely peaceful. Thank heavens the menacing skies didn't open and the evening stayed warm and dry.

Sunday morning saw us doing a food shop - something I really don't enjoy doing at all, but it meant our very empty cupboards were replenished. It also meant that I could do a bit of organising and labelling of our baking supplies and Spices. You've got to love Dymo!

There was a spot of baking, this weekend it was Carrot and Bran Muffins - one of my favourite recipes. We also made a Ham for the weeks lunches before preparing dinner. It was a super yummy dinner in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen stylee - a naked Bacon and Cheese Burger, Salad and a Mustard Vinaigrette Celeriac Coleslaw.

In between all this activity was frenzied Crocheting - just four weeks left until this blanket needs to be finished! I'm about a third of the way there now, so I might just make it!


Lynne said...

Wow you've had a grea time! We love Wiveton, the STich and Bitch crowd hold our birthday lunch's there, it's so pretty and food is so good.

I really like the restrained shades you've used in your crochet blanket - see, I CAN do calm and sophisticated!

Jay said...

I've driven past all those places many times (except your friends house!) and never been into any of them, time for a visit or two I think.

Mrs. Sutton said...

Gosh - I'm the same, I've passed them both and have yet to visit either one! I can't believe what I've been missing - will definitely be heading up there this weekend to make up for lost time!
Great post!
Paula x