Sunday, 26 August 2012


It's a bank holiday weekend and in between a few showers, there has been blue sky! On Saturday, we went all the way to Suffolk for a stroll around Southwold, a completely charming seaside town. The Pier is wonderful with places to eat and a few shops. They have some wonderful metal work too - from the micro bandstand to the water fountain clock. It's not as ornate as the Pier at Eastbourne we went to last week, but the sun bleached wood and white buildings are simply beautiful.

And yes, we did try just a few times to land a coin on the end of the Pier - each and everyone bounced off!

As you head off the Pier, it becomes decidedly more colourful with the Lifeguard Shed and seemingly endless rows of Beach Huts. I do like beach huts a lot, they all seem to have a personality of their own. I seem to have a large collection of Beach Hut photos - it's a bit of an obsession! This beach hut at Southwold was my favourite...

The towns Lighthouse, stands amongst rows of small houses and the brilliant white looked amazing against the deep blue sky. I made me feel a little giddy standing at the bottom looking up - it's just so very tall! We also had a potter in the lovely shops of Southwold, including the Adnams Cellar and Kitchen. I think we called it a day at the right time as the sky became completely moody and then the heavens opened. We definitely made the most of the sunshine!


ALoadofOldTat said...

Like the blog. It's always good to get ideas for visits I can make in the future.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

We have lots of happy memories there! Thanks for sharing! Ada :)