Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A winter scarf in summer...

I really like all the Ripple Blankets I've seen on the Internet, they are just so beautiful - and I've been itching to make one myself. But with all the projects I have on the go, I just couldn't bring myself to start another one, especially one that would be so time consuming! So, I thought I'd just make a scarf - quick and easy. I did feel quite strange making a scarf in summer - I usually make things seasonally, which often means that they are finished by the next season and then are too late to use! This time, my scarf is ready and waiting for later this year. I do love a quick project!


quintonwench said...

this is lovely! really like the look. where can I find a pattern like that?

My Norfolk Life said...

Hi Karen,
I used a pattern from Lucy at Attic 24 but I only did enough until I felt it was big enough for a scarf.
Here it is;
Hope that helps!

Jay said...

I love that scarf, well done!