Monday, 29 April 2013

Day Six

Our final day of our Holiday started in Caernarfon - we headed straight for the Castle. It's an absolute beast of a fortification. It's really quite intimidating and dominates Caernarfon. We walked around the Castle and along the bank of the Menai Straights and there was barely a sole around. To be fair it was very early in the day, but by the time we got back to the centre some Coaches had arrived and there was lots and lots of people. We aimed for the old town for more meandering and enjoyed the eclectic buildings all jostled together - so pretty.

We then went down the coast towards Llithfaen to visit the Welsh Language Centre at Nant Gwrtheyrn. The Road down to the Centre was somewhat steep! Nant Gwrtheyrn was abandoned in the 1970s following the closure of the quarries. In it's heyday over 2000 men worked there quarrying the Granite. A trust was formed, by Dr Carl Clowes, the local GP and others and eventually they bought the village and set about renovating the old buildings and developed a centre to teach Welsh. Inside one of the buildings was the most amazing knitted village complete with fields of crops and animals. We went inside one of the Quarryman's Cottage which was built in 1878 and Meinirs Tree - all about the tragic love story of Rhys and Meinir.

So, seeing it was our last day, there was only one place that I wanted to spend our last afternoon. So it was back off to Anglesey. We headed towards Amwlch and went first to The Copper Kingdom to learn about the areas industrial heritage. We then went for a very long walk around the worlds biggest copper mine at Parys Mountain. It is the most other worldly landscape that I've ever been to.  The lack of vegetation, although understandably because of the toxicity, was unnerving. But the colours, of the colours! Pinks, Yellows, Greens, Greys, Browns and Blues. It was such an amazing place to walk around. We even got to see an incredibly fast Hare bolt away from us.

There was only one thing I wanted to go after this mammoth walk and that was to walk a little more so we could see the sunset over the sea again. We headed for Rhoscolyn and walked across the bay, round lots of houses and across several fields to get to the jagged cliffs with twenty minutes to spare. We were greeted by this beautiful little one;

We nestled in the rocks to get out of the wind and were treated to the most beautiful display. I don't think I'll ever get bored of seeing the sun set over the sea - it feels like such a treat. Our last stop was Menai Bridge to pick up some dinner which we ate in the Car overlooking the Straights which sparkled in from the lights and the Bridge. We both slept so well that night, all the walking zonked us out. Boy do I love Anglesey.

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