Monday, 22 April 2013

Day Four

On our fourth day of our holiday, we stopped again for Breakfast in Betws-y-Coed and picked up some freshly cooked Welsh Cakes for later that day before heading up the Conwy Valley. It's so different from Snowdonia - it seemed greener, less windswept more undulating.

We had a wander around the walled town - the dark castle dominates the place. It looked amazing against the brilliant blue sky and in places seems carved into the landscape. The small narrow winding streets took us down towards the Seafront where we came across the Smallest House in Great Britain. It's teeny tiny at just 10 by 6 feet with a height of about 10 feet. Even I had to duck to get inside and I'm only 5"3!

We spent quite some time wandering around Conwy, meandering, stopping in shops etc. We bought some lunch and had a walk up the absolutely massive town walls which climb so very high over the town. We also visited the tourist information centre which gave us our next destination of The Welsh Food Centre. It was such a wonderful selection of all manner of things - we bought our first Bara Brith, a Bodie Oggie, some Rapeseed Oil and Sloe Lemonade. Boy was the Bara Brith good - so, so good!

When then headed to Rowen, labelled one of the prettiest villages in Wales and indeed it is very lovely too.  The views above the village were spectacular - the higher we went the more snow covered the land. We got up to about 850ft and you could see for miles. We were thwarted in our adventure when the path became completely impassable from all the snow, so back down we went!

Because it had been so very cold, we went to a camping shop in Llandudno to buy the boy a four seasons sleeping bag to hopefully keep him warmer. Sleeping bag purchased we wended our merry way for a walk around Aber Falls - with it being late in the day at this point, we didn't fancy a long walk upwards so we kept to the lower stream which was very pretty in itself.

At this point it was about 6.30pm and our hearts were calling to Anglesey as neither of us had ever seen the sun set over the Sea. It just has to be done and there was only one place I wanted to see it happen - Porth Trecastel. We walked towards the Burial Chamber and nestle ourselves in the craggy cliffs. We watched the sun dip towards the horizon and slowly, oh so slowly, disappear - and it was quite simply perfect. It really was one the most beautiful things I have ever seen and it just sealed the deal on Porth Trecastel being one of my favourite places in the world. 

We finished the day in a lovely pub, with warm food and the very best service we've ever had. Once we'd told our waiter we were camping in Llanberis I think he took pity on us and told us to stay until closing and made us sit by the fire with after dinner drinks. Completely wonderful!


Lisa said...

Mmmm Welsh cakes are so delish aren't they and it sounds like you discovered a few more foodie treats as well.
Beautiful photo of the sunset.
Lisa x

gilly said...

A lovely travelogue - and a beautiful sunset! Wales is still on my list of places to visit one day.

sweetpea family said...

I did a similar trip about thirty years ago and we camped in a tiny 2 man tent and cooked over a primus - I love Betws-y-Coed and have such fond memories. I bought a pack of Welsh cakes today from Marks and Spencer - not quite the same as yours but still yummy.
Thank you for sharing such lovely posts.
Sue x

Louise said...

What a lovely day! A great waiter you had too, how nice of him! I hope that and the new sleeping bag set you up well for the night ahead!

Jay said...

That is a stunning sunset, and all the baked goods don't look half bad!