Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day One

We set out at 9am precisely - car packed to the brim, literally. It took 6 hours to do the 279.6 miles. I fell asleep between Telford and Llangollen and awoke in a snow covered mountain wonderland. Words like breathtaking, stunning and spectacular are just simply not enough. 

We reached our destination of Llanberis after driving through Pen-y-Pass, the most remarkable Mountain road and we caught our first glimpse of Snowden. We found our camp site and started to pitch our tent and make a home for the week. 

The view from the camp site was really quite amazing - I could wake up to this view everyday for the rest of my life. We packed the tent full of sleeping bags, blankets and hot water bottles, anticipating it to be a cold night - we were after all at an elevation of 572 feet and the snow really was all around us with a bitingly cold wind.

After the tent was all set up we headed into Caernarfon to buy supplies including our traditional first night of holiday dinner - Steak and Salad. It was quite an experience cooking in dark - we were so glad the British Summer Time was about to kick in!


Anonymous said...

Hello! Brand new follower and blogger=) This trip looks amazing! Such a gorgeous landscape.

gilly said...

Beautiful pics and very brave of you to camp in this "Spring" weather! Am looking forward to reading more about your adventure in Wales.
Have a lovely week,

Dawn said...

Can't believe you are camping in such cold weather - I am strictly a fair-weather camper!

Plain Jane said...

Good heavens - and still alive to tell the tale! Those views are truly stunning - so fresh - but I'm very glad to see the lovely hot water bottles! Jane x

Louise said...

Those view are stunning but I wouldn't fancy camping at the moment! I camped in Wales in early June once and hardly slept for shivering! Hope you were warm enough!

gillyflower said...

Stunning photos!