Thursday, 17 January 2013

My very favourite Weather

Snow really is my favourite Weather. I get very excited when the flakes start a falling from the sky - giddy excited. I could wax lyrical for an absolute age about my joy and love for Snow, but on this occasion, I'll just post some photos I've taken this week.


Lisa said...

That's you and Lola then!
G was reading the Charlie and Lola story to S the other night as S was wondering when we might see some of the white stuff.
Love the last photo of the black taxi.
Lisa x

Louise said...

I love the snow too - and hurrah, today my school is close so I have a bonus day off :)

Lovely photos.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Lovely photos, think we may have more later! :) x

Jay said...

I love it too, these are great pictures - and we've got more snow to come here in the East!

Dawn said...

Just popped by from neighbouring Suffolk where it is very snowy too!