Monday, 14 January 2013

Messing about with paper

I spent some of Sunday afternoon making a small stash of Greeting Cards to be used in the first few months of this year for loved ones. Instead of making a card here and there I'm much better at sitting down and making a few in one go. My main aim was to use us lots of mismatched scraps that I had lying around. Bits and pieces that I just couldn't bear to throughout as I knew they would have a use at some point! I'm a bit of a dithering and often can spend an absolute age trying to work out how to put things together so I had a look on the Internet and came across 2 Sketches 4 You - a lovely template site which really did help with. Add some Ink, Rubber Stamps, Buttons and Flowers and I was off - a very happy afternoon of making.


Belmont Yarns said...

Absolutely beautiful. I would definitely buy those if I saw them in a shop. I just love giving and receiving cards. Someone's going to be very lucky to get one of those cards!!

Helen xx

gilly said...

Great cards! I'm sure the recipients will enjoy them.
Have a lovely week,

Louise said...

These are lovely handmade cards, I especially like the dinosaur one in the first collage!

Glad you have enjoyed my Roaches posts recently, snowy scenes to come soon! Yes, Hulme End is just over the hill from here, you can come through Warslow and get fantastic view from the Mermaid of the Ramshaw Rocks, Hen Cloud, the Roaches and Shutlingslow in Cheshire.

As you stay so close, have you been to Biggin / Wolfscote / Hartington Dales? They're nice places to walk... I have a post about them for a while back

Gina said...

Hello Claire, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. Love these cards... so pretty.