Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Cake Pops!

I was a very fortunate lady as my Mum bought me a Cake Pop Maker for Christmas. I have long looked at these decorated little beauties on Pinterest, saving the particularly pretty photos in my Baking Inspiration Board. Now I could make my very own in the pretty in pink machine. Thank you Mum!

The machine cooks the Cake Pops in just 4 minutes and they come out of the machine so easily. So far we have kept it simple and just made Chocolate and Vanilla Sponge. I was pleasantly surprised how easily they came out of the machine - not one of them stuck. Then we had little round balls of cake that looked slightly like Planets. In just twenty minutes we had 30 in total. I will also confess to loving the uniformity of the Cake balls - if I had made them with the crumbled cake and icing concoction, the sizes would have been all over the place. We of course had to try one to make sure if was ok and they were light and not in the slightest bit dry.

We then melted some Chocolate and used this to 'glue' the Lollipop Stick to cake, leaving them aside to set for an hour or so. Boy am I glad there were some Lollipop Sticks in my Stocking from Santa - I can see us going through them quite quickly. Although I think I'm going to order some plastic ones that don't have holes in the end so they an be washed and reused.

Next up was the best bit - the decorating. I had been gifted by a friend some pretty sprinkles for Christmas as she knows my love of Baking and these were just the ticket. There was Chocolate coated Popping Candy, Rose Flavoured Crystals, Green and Gold Sugar and Hundreds and Thousands. So pretty! These added to my existing collection of Cake decorating supplies like Glitter (oh how I love Edible Glitter) and Chocolate Stars etc. So we had lots of play with to make our Cake Pops beautiful.

We coated each Cake Pop in more Chocolate and then sprinkled the pretty decorations on top. We made the Vanilla batch for a Family get together and the Chocolate ones for a Friends Birthday and they went down a treat. I'm now dreaming up more complicated varieties - I'm thinking next up is something like Sticky Toffee and Lemon Meringue Cake Pops. The possibilities are endless!


Karen said...

Wow! I haven't seen these before - have I had my head in the clouds?!

gilly said...

These look so sweet & yummy! I've been toying with the idea of buying the little pink machine too so thanks for the excellent write-up. Is it the Lakeland one?
I love how it makes the pops so perfect & even-sized too!

My Norfolk Life said...

Hi Gilly - yes, it is the Lakeland one. I am rather pleased with it!
Claire x

Jay said...

They look fab, something to put on my to-do list I think, the kids would love them.

shabbied up grannie said...

these look fabulous - i've been meaning to try these myself

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

What will they come up with next! Yum yum! :) x

Tania said...

Hi Claire! Those cake pops look yummy...feeling a little hungry now! I was looking at the cake pop maker the other day, and wondered how well it would work! Fabulous results! Thanks for sharing! Tania ♥

Jooles said...

What an amazing gift! and they look fabulous and i bet they taste YUM!
have fun
love jooles x

Sandra said...

I've never ever heard of a cake pop maker before! Nice neat bite-sized pieces! Fun for children and adults alike and an excuse to decorate!

Lisa said...

Oh my this looks like the most fun and then you can eat them!
So very addictive i bet.
Lisa x