Sunday, 29 July 2012


We've had a rather delightful weekend. It started on Friday night with the Olympic Opening Ceremony. We were invited to a friends house and asked to dress as a Country - above is just a snapshot of the outfits. There was a Barbecue, some drinkies and we watched the ceremony in the outdoor cinema in their garden. There was lots and lots of puddings - almost everyone brought one! We took two homemade Pavlovas - a Summer Berry and Raspberry and Passion Fruit. I enjoyed every moment of the ceremony - it really was quite spectacular. 

On Saturday, we headed to North Norfolk to the Langham Street Fayre. It really is one of my favourite Norfolk events. I love the all the stalls, the food, the entertainment and the atmosphere.

Our first port of call was Yvonne Law's stall who hand casts pewter jewellery and ornaments that are inspired by the flora and fauna of North Norfolk. I love love love her work. We bought two pieces at the last  Fayre in Langham and I was itching to add to our collection.

Outside the Church was the stall of Sea 2 Sea who creates handmade decorative driftwood items. Eventually after a long debate, we settled on a Whale and I love him already!

This stall made me smile - I've never seen so much Licorice!

This guy made us smile too...

We then settle opposite The Bluebell pub and enjoyed the Sea Shanties of The Wild Rovers. I could have listened to them all day. Here's a little clip...

On the way home we stopped at the Norwich Makers Market and purchased some Macaroons - they were absolutely delicious, especially the Lime one! Such pretty colours.

Today, Sunday saw a stay at home day. A new Crochet project was started - a Baby Blanket for a friend whose little one is due in just five weeks - I must get on with this blanket and crochet quick!

There was also a little baking - Chocolate and Hazelnut Cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery book. Dang, these Cupcakes are amazing, completely yummy!

My Sister then came home and had bought us some more Macaroons! Two lots of Macaroons in a weekend - absolutely heavenly!

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Jay said...

Love the pictures I'll look out for the fair next time. I'd have liked to have been at the party - it sounds great fun! ;)