Sunday, 1 July 2012

An exceptional weekend

We have had a most wonderful weekend. Our first port of call on Saturday was Sew Simple for the Boy to pick up some weaving supplies before we headed to Horstead to the Recruiting Sergeant. We've always heard how great it is and I'm so glad we finally went. It's amazing. We couldn't decide whether we wanted to sit outside or in and I'm so glad the Boy went for in as within five minutes of sitting down the heavens open and boy did it thunder down. Their lunch menu is extensive, so much choice. We kept it simple with a BLT and Cheese and Ham Panini. It was so very tasty, the coleslaw and salad was quite simply superb. I'm looking forward to going back for dinner soon.

After lunch and with very full bellies, we went to AG Meale and Sons to pick some Strawberries. We try and do this at least once a year as we both really enjoy PYO. Fortunately the weather had cleared and the skies were blue again. I love picking Strawberries here as they are raised up on tables which means no back ache! Hurrah! Whoever came up with idea deserves a medal. We spent about 40 minutes picking and just enjoyed the quiet and the warmth. It's such a serene activity, one I've adored since being a little one.

And boy, did we pick lots and lots! We ended up with about 6kg. We went to the very end of the tables and found the biggest juciest Strawberries. And boy are they good! When we got home, we spent an age preparing them, mostly for the Freezer so we can make Smoothies for breakfast. It was so nice sitting round the table with my Boy doing something so simple. We also made a Strawberry Flan to take round to our friends later that day - it was hard to resist not tucking in there and then though!

We bought some Sweet Williams, for my two best friends who have both got new jobs. I'm so pleased for them both as they were jobs that they really really wanted. I made sure that I took off all the leaves as they honk when they've been in water for a while and tied them simply with some ribbon.

We spent the evening at our friends in their Garden Cinema. Summerhouse and Projector equals an amazing evening. We drank Pimms, ate Popcorn, had dinner and dessert. We had a fire and toasted Marshmallows. It was so temperate that even at 11pm it didn't feel cold. Their summer house is pretty epic though as there are armchairs, lighting and evening Wifi. It really is the most lovely way to spend the evening. I think it might be one of my favourite things to do with my friends.

This morning, we headed to Heydon to the Little Vintage Lover Fair. A complete bargain at a £1 entrance. There was so many things to look at, admire and want! I love that some people had gone to town with their outfits - so very pretty. I'm glad I wore a dress and did my hair!  I have never seen so much vintage clothing in one place, so many racks to look through. There were so many stands both inside and out of the World War One Hut. It's such a great fair.

We've been to Heydon many times before as we used to have Friends who lived in the next village over, Wood Dalling before they moved to Melton Constable. I love the charm of this village - it's so unspoilt. There haven't been any new buildings built since the 1880's and there is a wonderful cohesion to the village. Today it really did look most spectacular in the sunshine and the pretty blooms in front gardens.

We were also treated to seeing the Norfolk Military Vehicle Group.  We saw them rolling into Heydon and then they parked just where had. Each and everyone of these vehicles were spectacular. Such labours of love and completely immaculate. I could drive around in any of these babies!

We were very restrained with our purchases today, sometimes when there is so much to look at, I almost fail to see! My Husband bought a very lovely pure Wool Tie and I got another Brooch for my collection and the most beautifully shaped Basket.

We then headed home for an afternoon of domesticity. Along with the boring stuff like Laundry and Tidying, we also got in some baking time. Hmmmm Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes! I love these. We then had a roast dinner - we haven't had a roast for an absolute age, so it felt like it was a real treat.

This weekend really has been exceptional. I have loved every minute of it! Time outside, with friends, with my husband, vintage shopping, baking, domesticity and happiness.

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Lynne said...

Wow Claire what a fabulous week end you've had! I'm so envious! (yes, even with the family here!) You have planned this to a 'T' and somehow seemed to more or less catch what good weather there was; doesn't that village looked beautiful?