Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Making

I'm still working on making something for everyone I love this Christmas. I have rummaging through my stash, hoping that I will have all the bits to making something pretty. Recently I have been making Lavender Bags - cute little two inch ones. I have made them with a particular loved one in mind and choosing fabric that I think they will love the most. Plus you have got to love twine! I seem to be wrapping everything in Twine this year!

I have made some Crackers for the Big Day itself. I have a idea that I would like the Christmas table all white, glass and candlelight so these Crackers will fit the bill. I cut them by hand which took a little but I am pleased with their simplicity. Plus they have a shiny gold hat, 3 Jokes that my Dad would have approved off in each and a lovingly chosen gift for my Husband, Mum and Sister. I will confess to laughing way toooo much when reading Cracker jokes on the internet. My Husband said he was embarrassed for me!

Then I've been crocheting up a frenzy, making up Mug covers as I go - who knew it was so difficult to make a cover to fit a Mug that tapers at the bottom - frustrating, but now they are done, I am quite pleased with them! These are a great stash buster as I have lots of little bits left over from bigger blankety projects that I just cant bear to throw away!

My Sister in Law is recently got into making stuff, so thought I would making her a little Sewing Jar, completely with Pin Cushion and a Needle Book. It has enough supplies in there to get her going and some beautiful Pearl ended Pins to let her block her latest makes, Crochet Stars, which are very pretty indeed.

Finally, as Stocking Fillers, I have been making some Polymer Clay ruffled flowers. Super easy and quick to make. I still have a few more ideas up my sleeve and I need to making something for my Husband for our upcoming Wedding Anniversary, but all in all I feel like progress has been made!


Lisa said...

You have put so much thought and effort into your gifts, I bet everyone will be thrilled. The mug cosies are really good.
Love the crackers and the joke research sounds like it was highly entertaining!
Lisa x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

They are all lovely, I like the idea of that little sewing starter kit, and you can never have too many lavender bags! :)

gilly said...

Wow, you've been busy! Love all your pretty makes and the sewing jar of goodies is such a fab idea.

Anonymous said...

They look so beautiful! You're so talented. I'm sure everyone is going to be super happy :)

Pixie said...

Oh i love all your Christmas makes...especially those gorgeous wee lavender bags, i love your blog space too.
Pixie x

Gillian said...

Hello there! Thanks for your comments on my blog, it's very nice to have found yours. Your Christmas gifts are thoughtful and beautiful, what lucky recipients. I wish I could crochet like you! I am frantically trying to finish two crochet gifts - a cushion and a scarf - in time for Christmas.

Gillian x