Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas in the Peaks

I was very fortunate to be taken to the Peak District this weekend for a quick jaunt around our favourite places. I little bit of shopping, a little outdoors appreciation and some us time. After leaving Norwich early on Saturday, our first port of call was Bakewell for some lunch. There was only one place that we wanted to go - the Boy was rather fancying a decent Breakfast with Oatcakes and boy it didn't disappoint. I kept it seasonal with a Turkey and Cranberry Panini. I loved the little Christmas Trees on each of the tables. After lunch we bought  several Bakewell Puddings and some Oatcakes and we then had a wander around enjoying the shops and festive decorations.

We then headed around the corner to Calver Bridge to the Derbyshire Craft Shop. We were quite impressed back in September and their seasonal display didn't disappoint! Inside was a joy and we purchased a few more Christmas gifts and some decorations.

After the shopping it was time for something else, so we went over to the Hope Valley. I think this area is our very favourite in the Peak District. This sign always makes me smile as I wish that it really is a footpath to hope - wouldn't that be wonderful! 

We had a wander around Castleton, complete with Hot Chocolate, which was much needed in the cold. Castleton did look lovely with lots of Christmas Trees, sparkly lights and inviting shop windows. I simply adore Castleton. It's a must on every trip we take to the Peak District. I love that it seems like it's guarded by Peveril Castle up on high over the town. Another bonus to Castleton is Winnats Pass which always blows my mind. It makes me feel so small as the limestone pinnacles tower above you.

We then had a short stop around the Mam Tor and the Great Ridge - I love the landscape here, especially with the sprinkle of snow in the distance. We didn't see a soul whilst we were up there and it beyond quiet. So serene and the perfect antidote to the Christmas madness.

We stayed the night at a friends and South Yorkshire - it was so good to see them and their rather delightful 2 year old daughter, who really is exceptionally cute.


Karen said...

Looks and sounds lovely!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and everyone loves the gifts you've made them.

Karen x

Lisa said...

That was one trip full of festiveness and fresh air!
I'm sure we'll get to visit this area one day, I see it on blogs and always think how beautiful it looks.
Thank you for your kind message.
Lisa x

Lynne said...

My first visit to the Peak District was 3 years ago when I went to Fiddle Hell in Buxton; we love the area and have been back several times since (with fiddle and fishing rods!) Your photos show a Christmas view which I've never seen.

Have a lovely Christmas yourself and your family I have so enjoyed reading your posts this year that I've been blogging myself. And a Happy NEw Year too! Lx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

So lovely there! We will have our usual Christmas walk there soon!
Have a great Christmas! Thank you for all your support and kind words! :) x