Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Norfolk Broads

After living in Norfolk for nearly 14 years, we finally hired a Boat and spent a day on the Broads. Now we've walked around many a Broad, had picnics and camped, but never actually been on them. It was a very exciting day, especially as it was my Birthday treat. Eight of us clambered aboard for whole day of fun.

I am quite surprised how much stuff we thought we needed for the day - bags and bags of stuff; Hampers, BBQs, Gas Stove, Kettle, Blankets, Cake, and lots of Cameras.

We cruised out of Wroxham, passing lots of pretty waterside homes and then we were out onto the River Bure. We were all like little children, exclaiming loudly on spotting a Heron, Marsh Harrier or Pink Footed Goose. It really was quite amusing. After the first half an hour we calmed down and settled into the pace of the Broads. It was peaceful and serene; quite simply perfect in the sunshine.

We stopped for lunch near How Hill on the River Ant - the Boys tended the BBQs and cooked a wonderful lunch. What is it about Boys and BBQs?!

Then there was Cake - I made Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes, Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcakes and Chocolate and Hazelnut Cupcakes. If there's a Birthday, you need Cake. But Cake is even better outside on a Boat! Heavenly.

And there were presents - I am a very lucky girl. My Friends know me so well and my Husband even bought me a Captains Hat which I did wear for the whole day. It was such a lovely day and I can't wait to go on the broads again; it was so magical and beautiful.


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Happy Birthday! What a great little adventure you've been on, Mr Bea would like to go on one but after the incident with the rowing boat and the ferry I'm not so sure! :) x

Toffeeapple said...

That looks a wonderful way to spend your birthday, I am glad that you enjoyed it.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday.
Fresh air, friends and food!
Lisa x

Jenny Julian said...

A fellow Norfolk blogger yay!! I don't come across many :) we had a holiday on the Broads a couple of years ago. We had a great time. It was a bit weird just driving twenty minutes down the road for our summer holiday though :P

Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

What a lovely way to spend your day!

Jay said...

Looks like a good day out, happy belated birthday! You were just along the river from me...could have dropped in for a cuppa!

my little red suitcase said...

looks like fun, and a captains hat!! Heather x

Gemma said...

Lovely to come across your blog. I'm holidaying in Hickling in just over a week and looking forward to it!